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Welcome to Agent Image OS. Your Agent Image OS Website is a fully functional blog, as well as a website. Built on the powerful WordPress Platform, you now have access to the worlds best blogging capability.

This blog post is just a sample post. You can either edit it, or delete it and add one of your own. Blogging is a powerful way to attract organic traffic (traffic from search engines). Search engines love to see regular updates of unique content. Maintaining your blog is a terrific way to appeal to them as an authority in your marketplace.

We recommend you add new blog posts regularly, and that when you do, you write content that is rich with the keywords you think users are most likely to use when searching for your site. Hyperlocal content is particularly valuable in your blog posts.

Remember, with your blog, you should just be yourself, and have fun. Speak as though you were actually with a client, be conversational, and post often.

Good luck, and have fun.


  1. This is a sample comment. Your Agent Image OS Website allows you to easily add content (using either pages, or blog posts), and allows your visitors to participate, interact, and get involved by adding comments like this. Comments can be turned off, if you don’t want a particular page or post to have them. They can also be moderated (you can delete comments, set comments to only show up after approval, etc.). There are many options that you can set as you go through your website administrative pages.

    Remember, because Agent Image OS websites are based on WordPress, there’s LOTS of help you can get online as well. Just search for “WordPress” and whatever your question is.

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